HTL - Transport and Logistics

We're always looking into the best solutions to supply the needs of our customers. For that, we provide differentiated transportation and storage management service, with specialized technicians providing complete advice into all the stages of the process. All this to ensure the best service, comfort and safety for your company needs.

In the Roadoviary Transportation Area, we select of transport companies that present a proficient operational profile to attend the traffic of the goods, managing the delivery times, negotiating cost reduction and indicating alternatives for the optimization of cargoes.

In the Storage Area, in addition to the selection of warehouses, we apply managerial methods of physical storage and distribution, suitable to the ideal performance of these activities.

Areas of expertise
-Mercosur's borders
-Removal of merchandises from Primary Zone to Secondary Zone (DTA)
-Road transportation of custom goods
-Cargo pick-up for exportation
-Storage management of deposited cargo
-Distribution management of national cargo
HDA - Custom Broker

With 35 years of experience into the custom broker field, we guarantee agility and security in all stages of the clearance process for import and export of goods. We have a good expertise in dealing with government offices, wich allows for quick clearance of your goods, reducing delivery time and operational costs.

Areas of expertise
-Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil
-Bank of Brazil S.A. - Secex
-National Health Surveillance Agency
-Ministry of Agriculture
Performed Services
-Tariff Framework
-Licensing Issue
-Obtaining Special Annuities
-Customs Clearance
-Insurance Assistance
-Follow-up of Administrative Proceedings
HTI - International Transportations

Our Cargo division was specially developed to offer a complete and efficient door-to-door service, covering all stages of this process. With a team of specialized professionals in logistics and using the most modern technologies, we're always looking for the quickest, intelligent and economic solutions for your needs. We've teams in all Brazil territory and agents around all the world, integrated by a online communication system.

-National and international logistics projects.
-Preparation and delivery of documents.
-Habilitation of companies at Foreign Trade.
-Definition of the best routes.
-Selection of the best package and transportation for each goods.
-Financing and insurance.
-Search of suppliers at international market and access to new technologies.
-Pick-up and delivery of goods, from and to any port or airport of the world.
-Networks of international agents, specialized in intermodal cargo.

To provide an perfect delivery of our services, Haidar Cargo is part of a network of air and sea transportation providers worldwide, always offering economic alternatives that are appropriate to the needs of each company.

HTA - Consulting

We developed a Services Central Unit that is prepared to coordinate all the steps wich involves international negotiation.

Our highly specialized professionals offer a complete advisory and consulting service facilitating the businesses of companies that want to join or improve in this Area. Through Haidar's Agent Operational Centralizer service, we offer:

Business Module
-Supplier development
-Product Price Quotation
-Coordination of receipt of samples and promotional materials
-Assistance into defining product prices
-Packaging guidance
-Analysis and evaluation of shipment and delivery times
Operational Module
-Rate framework
-Elaboration of Import Licenses and obtainment of approval from the Licensing Agencies
-Expiry date control of Import Licenses
-Shipment follow-up
-Control of shipment documents
-Checking of goods on unloading and insurance measures
-Issuance of incoming invoices
-Coordination of road transport until delivery to final destination
Logistics Module
-Door to door service
-Verification of route feasibility
-Negotiation for reduction of freights
-Assistance into choosing the most suitable means of transport
-Execution and coordination of shipments
-Tracking status of freight in transit
Administrative Module
-Negotiation to contract international insurance
-Negotiation of currency exchange taxes
-Checking and remittance of documents to finance department
-Previous information of payment for customs and foreign exchange expenses
-Legal assistance