For each need a solution of quality. With this basic philosophy, Haidar, founded in 1975 is one of the best and more complete company of foreign trade management. Utilizing updated technologies, modern equipaments and with a highly professional teamwork, Haidar can offer you international quality services.

Giving top priority to customers satisfaction and quality of services, Haidar is recognized by its agility, efficiency and creative solutions for each stage of import and export processes, for small, medium and big companies.

Its modern structure supported by solid partnership with its customers, allows to positive results and mainly cost reduction. This partnership is constant and each customer is able to follow by Internet each stage of its processes. This offers more comfort, confidence and tranquility for you and your customers.

When it comes to the international market, we already made solutions for clients from the most diverse fields of our economy and from various sizes.

To do the best business into the international market, count on who have a vast experience in opening doors into all the world. Count with Haidar.